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Searched for information

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Information on becoming a childcare worker/employer
 Tenancies and leases
Information on Tenancies and leases
Information on voting
 Social Housing
Information on Social Housing
 Starting your own Business
Information on starting your own Business
 Illegal Drugs and prescribed drugs
Information regarding illegal drugs, penalties and their affects
 Worldwide Organisations
Information on worldwide, international environmental organisations and charities
Information on Airports, airport restrictions
 National Insurance
Related information Links regarding National Insurance, How to apply, what is National insurance, National Insurance checker, National Insurance after retirement
Information on what a Magistrate does, how to become a magistrate. Pay
 Main Gateway for Council Tax
Main Page for Government council Tax information
 Government Departments
Information and links to Government departments governing Childcare
 Charities and Support Organisations
Information and links to Charities and support organisations
 Money and Finance
Information and links to Money and finance, governing bodies, dept, gambling and other financial areas
 Health - General - Top Level
Top level information regarding Health
 Mental Health
Information on organisations undertaking research into mental health issues
 Driving Abroad
Information on what you need to check before and when you are driving outside the UK
 Drug addiction
Information on different types of drug additions, their affects and where to get help and support
 Getting Married Abroad
Information on what you need if you are going to get married outside the uk
 Research Information resources
Research information and resources sites
 Foreign and Commonwealth Office Gateway
Main Link to the Foreign and Commonwealth Government site with important and information links
 Specialist Diseases and Illnesses
Information on Specialist Diseases and Illnesses
Information regarding schools
 Hospices - Children
Information for Child hospices. End of life care and support
 Local Authority/Council
Information on your local Authority/Council
 Cancer Support
Information of charities that support those suffering from different kinds of cancer
 Council Tax
Information on Council Tax
 Food and Diet
Information concerning Food and Dietary needs
 Overseas Students
Information and requirements for studying in the UK
 Isolation and Loneliness
Charities and information, groups that support those feeling isolated. estranged or lonely
Information regarding Employment rights, laws
Information on Plastics, it's affect and organisation that are dedicated around the world to tackle plastic pollution
 Domestic Abuse
Domestic abuse information. Domestic Abuse Act
 Climate Change
Information on Climate change including facts and research
 Special Needs
Special needs - Information and links to Support and information regarding special needs requirements for children
 Data Protection and Privacy
Information on Data Protection and Privacy
 Administration, Debt and Bankruptcy
Information regarding Debt, Administration and Company Bankruptcy
Information on Recycling, Recycling centres. How to recycle, what can be recycled
 Selling/Closing Down Business
Information on what you need to follow is you are selling or closing down a business
 UK Government Information and Links
Link to UK Government Website
 Sales Of goods/Trading Standards
Information on the Sales of Goods, you obligations as a Seller, and your rights as a buyer
Information on local weather, weather patterns, flood heat warnings
 Specialist Departments
Specialist departments dealing with Health Issues. Useful Information, Research information
 United States Fed Government
Links to USA Fed Government website and Directory information
 Research Hub
Information, data and Guides to research
 Therapy and Support
Therapy and Support information
 Health and Medicine
Data, Guides and information regarding Health and Medicines
 Support Organisations
Organisations and information on Immigration and Visas
 Agriculture and Fisheries
Information related to Agriculture, Farming, Fishing/Fisheries
 Research and data
Political Research, information, views and Data
 Income Tax
Information regarding Income tax
 Retail and Consumer
Information on Retail and Consumer groups
 Prescribed Drugs
Information on Prescribed Drugs, what they do, different types - please also refer to Prescribed Drugs - Addiction
 Independent Organisations
Independent information and support organisations
 Freedom of Information
 Proceeds of Crime
Information on the Proceeds of Crime Act, Proceed of Crime Auctions
 Direct sourcing
Information on sourcing your food from non supermarket sources including farm shops and other independent suppliers
 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
Direct links to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) information and support. Please also refer to A-Z Government Departments for access to Non UK Government websites
 Personal Tax
Personal Tax information and checks
 Medical Information
How COVID 19 affects the body
 Single Parenting
Information, support and information for Single Parents
 Coping with Social Isolation
Links to sites giving information on how to cope with Social Isolating
 Building and planning Regulations
Information on Building and planning Regulations

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Ministry of Justice
Get information about a company
Register of schools and colleges in England.
Link to Universal Credit Gatway
Housing costs and Universal Credit
Transport if you're disabled
Avoid and report internet scams and phishing
Citizen Advice Benefits Information including Benefits Calculator
Main Government State pension Website information page
Main Government page for council tax information
Help and Support site for Carers
Links to Age Concern website for Care and Support
Support and advice site for Families that have disabled children
Children's trust Brain Injury Hub
Reporting a Cyber/internet crime to the National Cyber Crime centre
Information as to what you need to do to apply your first adult passport
Information on what you need to do if getting married outside the UK
Information on how to convert a civil partnership in to a marriage.
An A to Z country index of topics covered by the FCO
Information and links regarding visa and immigration
Comprehensive information on Trade Marks, Patents, Designs and Patents
Information on Copyright
Information of how to protect your design