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 A-Z Government Departments
 Charities Commission
Government departing legislating Charities,how to set up a charity,Fundraising,Tax
 Main Gateway for Council Tax
Main Page for Government council Tax information
 Government Contracts and Tenders
Government Contracts finder. Main links to Government contracts and tenders
 Associated Government Websites
 Crime Prevention
Gateway to UK Government's Crime Prevention web page and associated links
 Government Research Data
Find latest government Data, reports and Studies
 Government Departments
Information and links to Government departments governing Childcare
 Local Government Ombudsman
Covers Council run services complaints
 Government Departments
Government departments and organisation responsible for the Environment
 Foreign and Commonwealth Office Gateway
Main Link to the Foreign and Commonwealth Government site with important and information links
 Government Health Departments and organisations
Government Health Departments and organisations, Public Health England, NHS, NICE, Health Protection Agency and other related government departments, orgainisations and agencies
 Licences and licence applications
Main Government page for Licences and Licence applications
 Government Departments
Social Care departments
 Northern Ireland Government Hub
 Government Legislation
Main Government gateway to HRMC
 Scottish Government
 Government Statistics
 United States Fed Government
Links to USA Fed Government website and Directory information
A regulatory agency is a public authority or government agency responsible for exercising autonomous authority over some area of human activity in a regulatory or supervisory capacity. An independent regulatory agency is a regulatory agency that is independent from other branches or arms of the government
 Australian Government
The Charity Commission answers directly to the UK Parliament rather than to Government ministers. It is governed by a board, which is assisted by the Chief Executive
 Government of Canada
Links to Canadian Government

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Ministry of Justice
The Attorney General’s Office (AGO)
Departments, agencies and public bodies
Main Government gateway for Business
Setting up a Business
Companies house
Main Government gateway for Business Tax
Link to Government VAT Gateway
Importing goods Government gateway
Helping you find Overseas Customers
Avoid and report internet scams and phishing
Childcare vouchers and other employer schemes
Main Government State pension Website information page
Main Government gateway for workplace Pension
Main Help page on Government Tax Gateway
Main Government page for council tax information
A list of all Government run websites
Government website for Cyber/internet security
Resource for finding Data, reports published by the Government
Ombudsman that covers unresolved or challenged decision from local councils
Government Gateway for Passports
Information on what you need to do if getting married outside the UK
Foreign and Commonwealth Office main Gateway
Information and links regarding visa and immigration
Gateway to Governments Intellectual Property Office