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About Us

About Us

Govsupporthub (GSH) is a fully independently run information directory, research tool and classified site to enable fast access to, primarily, UK Government information. Although we have permission from the UK Government for the site, we have no association to the UK Government, associated Sponsor’s sites or Advertisers and act purely as an information gateway/resource centre.

The site is designed to support Businesses, Individuals, Organisations, Research and anyone looking for UK Government based and/or support linked information where users can quickly search and find direct links to the main UK Government website, other associated UK Government run or supported websites. This also includes links to charities and support sites.

In addition to links regarding specific subject areas, there are other links to associated areas that may be useful for research and information purposes.

How to Search

From the main front page menu find the Category. By clicking on the top Category, it will show all the listings in that Category, including all the listings in the sub-categories. Once you have clicked into the listing, it will give a brief description of the information contained on the Third party’s webpage. (Please note that the description and contents of the page links may change if the third-party website changes their content page.)

To visit the site, either Ctrl/enter on the hyperlink at the bottom of the listing information, alternately click directly on the ‘Related Site’ icon at the bottom of the listing.

Refining your search. Many of the categories have a sub menu. The sub Menu contains a list of page links that relate to that sub menu. Follow the instruction per above to find the associated Government website (or associated website’s) page.

Please note that due to the amount of information that can relate to several different categories, the site may list information regarding a particular topic in more than one category.

Opening Link in a new Tab

Often you will want to search a number of related topics but when you click on a link it takes you away from GovSupporthub site. To prevent this, simply hold Ctrl and then click on the link. This will open the linked page in a new tab on your browser so you can switch back to Govsupporthub site. This also applies if you wish to open a number of links on any website page.

Sponsors/Advertisers – Sponsors/Advertisers can post associated listings the Sponsored Classifieds area, or in any one, or several, related categories. Prices for each listing is listed below.

Standard Listing – includes Description, image and links to company website and other contact information

Featured Listing - as Standard Listing but also includes a link to listing shown on front page menu

  1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Standard Listing £15.00 £45.00 £75.00 £150.00
Featured Listing £20.00 £60.00 £100.00 £180.00

As sponsors may wish to list in several categories, we do not restrict the number of listings that can be placed on the site. However, each listing will be subject to the standard or featured listing prices.

Main Sponsors. If you would like to become a major sponsor of the site, please contact using the contact link.

Free Listing for registered Charities. If you are a registered charity, please contact us to arrange a free listing on the site

Exclusions: GSH will not accept any sponsors/advertisers that are Gambling related, including Bingo Sites, Payday Loan Companies, slimming/diet pills or any other Products, services, Business or organisation that are deemed to be ‘Speculative’.

Refund Policy – Please note that we do not offer a refund policy so ensure you are listing you Sponsorship Advertisement in the correct category. You can cancel your sponsorship advertisement at any time, but the advertisement will continue to run and be shown on the site until the expiry of the term.

Data/Security - We do not hold, store or have sight of any personal information or usage of the site, or who has searched for what. This also applies to Sponsor’s/advertisers’ payment/credit card details as these are the sole responsibility of the third-party payment processor. Govsupporthub does not store any personal information and complies with GDPR and all other Data protection Laws.

Password Protection - At no point will we contact you regarding your password. Please ignore any requests for password details or requests to change your password. This includes any requests from PayPal or other third parties

Help us/Feedback

Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive, easy to search database to enable our users to quickly find the information they are looking for. If there are any specific subject areas you feel will be useful to yourself and other users, please contact via the website’s contact page.