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Crime, Justice and the Law

Crime, Justice and the Law

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Main Government gateway for Courts Sentencing and tribunals
How to report different types of crime - Main Index
Information on Domestic Abuse
Government website for Victims and Witnesses of crime
Going to court to give evidence as a victim or witness
Help and support if you have to attend court
Main Victim support site run by the Government
Help for those subject to Domestic abuse or violence
How much it costs to go to court or a tribunal
Information of the law when applied you young people
Comprehensive A-Z of your rights under the law
Protecting Women and Children from Domestic abuse
Information on Upskirting
Your right after you have reported a crime
Victim and witness Information
Claiming compensation after a crime
CPS index search

Guidance and regulation, Research and statistics, Policy papers and Consultations, News and Information, Freedom of information
Serious and Organised Crime